Our Vented Outboard Splash® Covers are made to individual model patterns and fit like a skin. They are specifically designed to be left on during use, providing protection & appearance enhancement both on and off the water without effecting the performance of your outboard.

 Our covers have been approved by  Honda, Mercury/Mariner, Suzuki,  Yamaha and  BRP (Formerly OMC Evinrude/Johnson) giving you the assurance that you are buying a high quality, tested and proven product that won’t impact on your outboards performance, durability or warranty.

Be Aware of Cheap Outboard Splash Covers not manufactured here in Australia and not approved by all the major outboard manufacturers like ours”

Our High quality Outboard Splash Covers are manufactured by OCA right here in Australia using Polysoft II Fabric a technically tested marine grade fabric. (See technical details)

With access to over 850 Outboard Splash Cover patterns for outboard models dating as far back as the 1970’s, we can supply a quality fabricated Outboard Splash Cover for most makes and models of your choice.

Every Outboard Splash Cover is individually manufactured to order to suit your outboard brand and model with your choice of colours, logo’s or even graphics of your choice.

Every Outboard Splash Cover comes with a 3 year product warranty & 5 year workmanship warranty.

 Why You Need One Of Our Outboard Splash Covers

 Outboard Splash® Covers are designed to remain on the engine at all times protecting the cowling from:

  • UV Fading
  • Accidental knocks and scratches
  • Bird Droppings
  • Salt Corrosion
  • Fishing Lure Damage
  • Tow Rope Damage
  • You can have your outboard brand or design your own graphic’s like have your boat name or design like a fish or a Company Logo for example and….

Replacing or refurbishing worn or damaged Outboard Cowlings can be very expensive & often very hard to find Cowlings for older models. An Outboard Splash Cover is an effective and economical alternative to enhance your boats value and appearance & protect it from further damage.

Colours Available

Black (Dark) Available Now
Charcoal Available Now
Light Grey Available Now
White See disclaimer below Available Now
Harbour Blue Coming Soon
Aqua Green Coming Soon
Red Coming Soon

White Fabric Disclaimer
White Fabric Disclaimer

• It is highly recommended that hands and the motor are clean before handling the white covers. Oil and grease will mark the fabric and may be hard to remove.

• The white fabric Polysoft ®II is liable to show dirt more easily. Responsibility for the fabric or any part of the cover becoming dirty or marked with use cannot be accepted by the manufacturer.

• White Fabric (P2) is slightly transparent and you may see the branding on the existing cowl come through the cover. The perfect alignment of the cover graphics and cowl graphics cannot be guaranteed.

• As with all covers, the use of a washing machine is NOT recommended. Please follow the supplied care instructions carefully. The exhaust port on the rear lower part of the motor (Verado motors) ‘will’ become marked with black exhaust deposits from this port, this is unavoidable.

Covers can be made in one solid colour or in two contrasting tones. Specify on the order form your choice of Main and Secondary colour if you prefer the two tone option.

Below is an example of what colours go where on your cover/s. The main colour is considered to be the one that is most prominent and the secondary colour is the highlight or stripe.

Please note that all our covers are made to model specific patterns so the location of the secondary colour will vary according to each pattern.


Shipping & Delivery

All of our Outboard Splash Cover prices include Free Shipping & Delivery Australia Wide.

Shipping & Delivery  times within Australia vary depending on workloads in the manufacturing facility. Your order goes into production within 4 business days (Usually Sooner) after we have processed your order form which is normally the same day or following business day. All orders are despatched from our manufactures facility in Perth W.A via Australia Post 3Kg Post Bag so we estimate your order will take 3-7 days to be despatched & an additional 2-3 days in postage transit. From the time of order to delivery we estimate the timeframe Occasionally due to workloads our estimated time for delivery can be longer. We will inform you of any delays.


 We want to make your order as easy & enjoyable as possible – Please read the following instructions and information prior to placing your order:

What You Need to Know:-

  • Is your motor a 2 or 4 stroke? (sometimes called a 2 or 4 cycle). If you put oil in a separate tank this is a 2 stroke outboard. A 4 stroke outboard is like your car, it does not smoke & no oil is added to the fuel.
  • The Brand of your outboard motor.
  • The HP of your outboard motor.
  • The Year your outboard motor was manufactured
  • The Model Number of your outboard motor
  • The options your require for your Outboard Splash Cover
  • The correct file format required for any personal choice artwork required- See Below

You should also know:-

 All of Our Pricing is Australian Tax Inclusive

Artwork must be supplied for colour printing or B or W if anything other than a word or boat name is required if you are happy to have TW Cen MT Condensed font with 10 degree slant.

 If you want a word/ boat name in another font or in colour you will need to supply the Artwork in the format as detailed below.

Artwork will also need to be submitted for Outboard Brands ie Suzuki, Yamaha etc if required in any colour other than Black or White.

Artwork will be required for a design you may like say a fish printed on your cover/s regardless if it is in full colour or black or white. You will need to provide us the design in high quality.

All artwork must be ready to print and need no additional work needed doing to it. The file format should be either of these in number preference: 1. EPS or 2. PDF or 3. BMP or 4. JPEG.The file would need to be a minimum of 150K (when attached to e-mail it tells you the size of the image) so most internet pictures are not suitable….but there are good ones if you hunt for them. Please do not send any artwork unless it is in the file formats as advised above or your order cannot be processed. All non Branded Outboard Splash Covers will have the OCA Logo at the rear of the cover


Payments can be made through Paypal or Credit Card through Paypal at the end of your checkout.

We will accept direct deposits if you wish to email your order directly to us at enquiries@theboatcarecompany.com.au. After we have received your order via email we will forward an invoice with payment details to you for payment. Note all payments must be received prior to processing your order.

Technical Details
Our Outboard Splash Covers are manufactured using Polysoft® II (P2) a technically tested marine grade fabric offering the following benefits:

• 95% waterproof
• 5% breathable avoiding corrosion and condensation
• UV stable*, Polysoft® II materials are guaranteed for 3 years against rotting & fading
• Incredibly strong with a 660lb breaking strength
• Non-abrasive polyester soft backing Simple to clean, just wash with fresh water *If you follow our guide to cleaning and maintenance”

Our vented Outboard Splash® Covers are designed not to cover the tell-tale and exhaust ports. Can be used during towing as well as on the water. Are designed to allow access to an internal fuel tank, where fitted. Are secured with marine grade shock cord that grips the engine just below where the cowling and engine head join. Do not inhibit the motor’s performance in any way.

Caring For Your Cover

When you purchase one of our covers they are covered under warranty but please remember covers like everything else need a small amount of maintenance to protect them from the environment.

As an example:-

  • Mould does not exist unless dirt is present, so keep you covers clean.
  • If you don’t wash the salt out of your cover on a regular basis as per the instructions it will build up inside on the felt backing and scratch your motor.

DO NOT wash your cover in harsh detergents or in the Washing Machine, this removes the chemicals we use to protect the fabric from environmental damage (UV, Salt, bird droppings etc.) We recommend hand washing using gentle detergents and rinsing with fresh clean water and allow to dry naturally.

Please make sure you follow the cleaning instructions that come with your covers. NOTE:- If you do not maintain your covers in accordance with the care instructions you may invalidate your warranty. Over 10,000 covers are manufactured each year and have a very rigorous quality control system, 99% of the time ‘damaged’ covers are due to a lack of proper care.

If your cover is genuinely faulty we will replace it without question, we will however not replace covers damaged due to incorrect or non-existent care.

If you have any questions not answered in the instructions please do contact us at enquiries@theboatcarecompany.com.au as we are very happy to help.


With over 150,000 OCA covers in use around the World we are confident that our products will stand up to the harshest of environments and conditions.

With the addition of our new P2 fabric we are now able to offer an extended warranty as STANDARD – something no other cover maker is able to do. The warranty is in 2 parts, see below for details and terms:-

3 Years – P2  Fabric and Printing 5 Years – Workmanship
Warranty applies to P2 fabric only Applies to build quality (excluding zips)
Covers must be maintained according to manufacturers instructions. Covers must be maintained according to manufacturers instructions.
The 6/6 cleaning cycle set out in the supplied instructions must be followed. The 6/6 cleaning cycle set out in the supplied instructions must be followed.
The use of chemicals, detergents, sprays & brushes will void this warranty. The use of chemicals, detergents, sprays & brushes will void this warranty.
Any 3rd party modifications or additions will void this warranty. Any 3rd party modifications or additions will void this warranty.

All warranty claims should be submitted by email using to enquiries@theboatcarecompany.com.au. You MUST include your original order number and images of the claimed damage. We will review your claim and in most cases ask for the cover/s to be returned for inspection.

DO NOT return any covers until a ‘return authorisation form’ has been emailed to you.